My lashes after 4 weeks with Nanolash

I am in the course of testing the conditioner by Nanolash. Tomorrow it will be the 4th week and I decided to show you my effects so far.

 First of all:  Lashes are not longer. Unfortunately, the conditioner extended my eyelashes minimally so far. I don’t know if you can expect a lot after such a short time. I also have some answers for you to some of the most popular questions about the conditioner. I hope for effects to be more spectacular in 4 weeks and that I won’t recognise myself looking in the mirror 🙂 But! Lashes are in a good condition, easily curling (I’m not using the eyelash curler at all) and they are thicker. It’s most visible on the lower lash line. Secondly, the conditioner turned out to be very efficient and I will be able to prolong the use of it, so the more I’m expecting great results.

The eyelash conditioner is worth attention so it shouldn’t leave much to doubt.

1. How and when to use the condioner?

I am using Nanolash once a day, in the evening, after removing the eye make – up, I’m applying it on the upper and lower lash line with a brush. The consistency of the conditioner is viscous and easy to apply. It’s crutial to remove the make – up thoroughtly.

2. Is using the conditioner causing any side effects?

Absolutely not. It doesn’t irritate eyes, doesn’t cause allergies or darken the eyelid skin.

3. When are first results visible?

In my case, they are visible after 4 weeks; eyelashes are thicker and look denser. They are also more nourished and curled

4. Where can I buy Nanolash?

You can purchase it from the producer’s website

 If you have ever used similar conditioners, please write about it in comments. I wonder what your opinions are.